Dallas TX dealer is charging a markup of $27,250 on a GX 550


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Dec 5, 2023
Phoenix, AZ
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Jalopnik isn't sure if it's real or not... but their last sentence is my favorite: "But remember, don’t indulge this. Don’t even pay a $1 over sticker. Wait, or don’t buy one at all."
The CL ad doesn't say it is a dealer. It could be an individual who has first dibs at one of the dealers and is planning on trying to flip it and make a profit after he buys it. FWIW.
Jalopnik does not have the best reputation for reliable statements from my recollection.
and yet there are at least 10 other Lexus dealers in TX selling these at MSRP, just might be waiting it for many months if you want overtrail plus.