I test drove a LC 1958 and GX 550 today


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Jul 6, 2024
I wanted to see if I could deal with the cloth seats in the 1958. They had a FE but I was trying to figure out if I could deal with the cloth seats and save some money. I couldn't. It felt and drove really nice. I've narrowed it down between a LC or GX 550 so headed to Lexus. I would want an overtrail if I went that wrote but they only had premium plus to test drive. The GX 550 did feel a little nice on the inside and maybe it drove better. I really couldn't tell a big difference. So much of the feel and look for me was the same.

I ultimately have decided to go with a LC because:

1. Tank range
2. The above head AC vents in back seat
3. Better availability in my area Austin TX.
4. Dealership availability / quantity. Everywhere I have lived has had super nice HUGE Toyota dealerships.
5. Outside aesthetics.
6. To me, LC is more iconic. Kind of like someone just buying a jeep to buy a jeep. There's a can't explain it appeal to a LC.

There just wasn't enough of a difference in the two ( LC and GX 550 ) to justify going with the Lexus.
Ditto. I test drove both and bought the 58 (This was 6-8 weeks ago). I like most of the refinement in the GX, but if I realIy like the LC (and I do, so far) plan on giving the 58 to my Son next year and buying either an '25 FE or a '26 4Runner.