2024 Toyota Land Cruiser First Ever Exhaust Sound

This engine is based on the existing normally aspirated Atkinson cycle 2.5L engine; I initially did not respect the 2.5L engine based on social media reviewer’s complaints about power and engine sound; however I later discovered the 2.5L engine is an engineering marvel of efficiency. I would encourage folks to reserve judgement on the sound until we see the final MPG rating for the LC 250. This platform will be industry leader at 27 MPG combined if Toyota can achieve that for certification.

I was hoping for a completely electric powertrain cooling system, however I can hear the mechanical engine cooling fan synchronized with the engine RPMs. I would rather have a conventional cooling system that worked compared to a slick Tesla-like thermal management system that didn’t.

Thanks for posting the sound clip! It doesn't sound all that bad for a 4 cylinder. As long as the performance is better then the v6 in the current 4runner, I'll be a happy camper.

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