Projected Land Cruiser Resale Value


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Jun 15, 2024
Land Cruiser
Given the extensive social media coverage on 2024 Land Cruiser", with the commentary "the legend is back" , I am wondering what will be the LC resale value after 1 year, and after 5 years. Percentage dip for a given trim. Can we glean something from the resale value of Land Cruisers built in 2018/2019?
Hard to say but the 200 series was in more limited supply and was phased out in the US so there is increased demand for fewer vehicles. The new 4 Runner shares a lot of similarities with the LC250 which also puts some downward pressure on resale value. Only time will tell with the many variables including economic ebbs and flows coming out of a strange period for new and used vehicle pricing, supply and demand.
I was thinking about the same on the common features shared with 2025 4Runner. Especially, if 4Runner comes with 7 seater, then I guess LC advantage will be limited to the brand name. True, time will tell, with so many new variables.