Land Cruiser vs GX550 Resale Values


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Jul 7, 2023
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I've always been a fan of Toyota for their great resale values. Usually, I don't keep vehicles for too long, but our 4Runner has been an outstanding exception – we're hitting the 10-year mark this month!

This brings up an interesting question: which vehicle do you think will hold its value better in the next few years – the GX550 or the new Land Cruiser?
Hmm good question. My money’s on a well optioned LC trim over the GX. Not by a wide margin though. Both will do well on resale.
We really don't know how many GX Overtrail+ are going to be produced, probably going to be similar in numbers as the 5000 First Edition Land Cruisers.
If that's the case value retention ranking:
First Edition Land Cruiser > GX 550 Overtrail+ > GX Overtrail > Land Cruiser base > all other trims
I think generally Toyotas have a bit better value retention because they have a lower starting price. That seemed to be the case for the 4Runner VS GX460, for instance.

Because demand is so crazy right now, I bet these things won't lose value for a few years.
In the GCC the Land Cruiser Prado and the LC 300 have a higher resale value than their Lexus counterparts. It's the same dealership group etc. I think it has a lot to do with the cost of ownership (premium fuel, insurance costs, maintenance).

Similarly, in the US, I think the LX 570 can be purchased in most markets for less than the LC 200. I think there is some brand cache attached to the Land Cruiser plate. Maybe it's romanticism, maybe it's the big spindle grill.
Just did a google search on Land cruisers for sale near me. I think....they retain their value quite well, and trim is more whipped cream on top of a yummy cake then the model itself.
I’d say LC over GX. Higher priced vehicles always seem to take a bigger hit. Factor in the significantly higher MPG on the LC and as long as that powertrain proves to be reliable it should do very well on resale.