Portland Land Cruisers sitting outside in the salty, dirty air? 😜

Dr. M

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Aug 12, 2023
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Does anyone know if the Land Cruisers sitting in Portland are outdoors in the dirty and salty air? Mine has been there for almost 2 months. Not usually what I expect in a brand new vehicle. Mine are never parked outdoors. Anyone have intelligence on this? Thanks!!
I'm sure the Vancouver port is nice and salty as well!
I live in the area; the port where the cars are offloaded is nearly two hours drive from the mouth of the Columbia river so any salt air exposure is probably nonexistent. Air quality in general is pretty good here right now. Hope that helps a little bit to ease concern.
That helps a lot. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
That helps a lot. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
It's about 85 miles as the crow flies to the ocean from the port at portland. There is also a small mountain range between them so you don't have to worry about salt. Pollen is about the worse thing it's getting right now.
Thanks very much.