Gross vehicle weight/tow capacities of the three LC trim levels


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Jun 29, 2024
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For the last four years I have been searching for suitable truck, to use a a tow vehicle to pull a camper of some sort, either a slide in, of smaller pull behind. What became obvious after watching 50 eleven YouTube videos, was that the more options that we order for out (1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, and one ton chassis.), the less payload we can carry and/or pull. I also experienced this when I bought a 2015 FORD Transit. The more options, the less payload capacity was listed on the river door B-Pillar.

Has anyone looked at the available tow capacity, or cargo carrying capacity, of each trim level of our venerable chariots, by comparing the factory vehicle weight tags on the driver door B pillar on the 1958, LC w/premium package, or LC FE??

Sorry if this has already been asked, and answered.