The biggest Toyota dealership in the world, Longo Toyota in El Monte city, refused to add my name for LC 1958 waiting list,saying list is already full

Wow, they must have well over 500 on the waiting list if that's the case.
The central Seattle Toyota dealer closest to me will not take deposits on any LC trim until there is a VIN. I'm starting to make contingency plans if there is a production delay or if customer demand prevents me from purchasing at MSRP. Toyota knows our expectations are high for the J250 Land Cruiser introduction, and I would rather see a delay than have an LC250 with serious flaws. We’ll all get the Land Cruiser we want if we’re willing to wait.
This is not mid November yet, and biggest dealership can't add my name to the 1958 waiting list. I am shocked and amazed.

That's crazy, have you had any luck with other dealerships in the area?
I would love to see Toyota streamline the ordering process for the Land Cruiser. It sure would be nice if you could build and then order it directly through the website similar to Tesla.
I would love to see Toyota streamline the ordering process for the Land Cruiser. It sure would be nice if you could build and then order it directly through the website similar to Tesla.
Yeah, they're trying to get there, but they have contractual obligations to distributors and the dealerships. Toyota has a weird sales channel. They sell through distributorships who are essentially middlemen between the OEM and the dealership.

Toyota has the SmartPath and Monogram programs which some dealerships participate in. That allows the consumer to see the inventory, but it's not clear to me how much negotiating power one has through either program. I think Toyota's inventory management runs as lean as their manufacturing system.

I think Toyota will be able to deliver to demand. An auto insider who used to post on another board and who has proven in hindsight to be correct on both the 250 and the GX 550 specs, announcements etc. state a few years ago that Toyota expects to sell ~ 30,000 of the GX and the LC 250. That makes sense when you consider the First Edition production run is goign to be around 2,500 units a month for the first 2 months. Straight line that and it's 30,000 units.
The Toyota ordering system is nothing like Ford. I ordered the Ford Bronco after 6 months into the announcement. Ford allows customer to order via their site with a $100 deposite while allow the customer to select delivery dealership. Although I still have to wait almost 2 years for the Bronco, in very happy with Ford’s processes. In lieu of the aforementioned process, Toyota allows their dealerships to control the waitlist therefore most likely it will not be as fair as the Ford system. Dealership like Longo will just assign the waitlist to their most preferred customers.
I summited for a request on both One and Longo both would not give me a number on the waitlist even I’m ok with a 2025 delivery!
Thus it is fair and makes you happy to wait almost two years for a Ford ?
Demand and supply… at least I got a number on the wait list vs no waitlist. Ford gave us a small rebate for the delay with some free options but kept us in the loop. I would think current state the new LC would be more than a 2 years waitlist, the manufacturer should determine the waitlist not the dealerships IMHO.
It is not possible to wait 2 years for a Toyota once they launch the orders, specs, price... Toyota always did much better than that.
And even without the competition it is really hard to choose your next Toyota: 4Runner, Tacoma, Highlander and Grand Highlander, Landcruiser, Tundra, Sequoia !!!! Wow !
We only get three models in Europe: Highlander, Landcruiser 150 to be replaced by 250, and the Hilux truck :confused:

Regarding the huge demand I always said this "Guys, if you are so busy with those 1000 customers, I will wait or look for a different supplier"

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