Official Delivery/Possession Update Thread

I would call it NIT (Not in Time) inventory management. When it take longer to get from port to dealer than it takes to build it and ship it from Japan something is wrong.
Not to be confused with the fish policy first in stays here
Here in the UK it's worse the dealers know nothing Toyota UK know nothing never mind a delivery date cannot even order!!!!! I do not believe a huge organisation like Toyota knows nothing
There are still places in the US where the know nothing is pretty standard -
how are you able to follow on toyota website ? I have not been able to access any updates
how are you able to follow on toyota website ? I have not been able to access any updates
I log in then on the "search Inventory" I click "crossover/SUVs", then "Land Cruiser" , input my zip code and scroll down to the advertisement with my Dealer listed/my vehicle
Ok I do that ,but all its says about delivery is sale pending. It doesn't give any info on transit
Anyone else waiting on their FE to be released from the port in Portland, OR? Any insight?
Yep, mine has been there since the 22nd. I talked to my dealer on Friday and he said there’s only one guy doing the PIOs. Hopefully we’ll see see some of them released this week.
Ok I do that ,but all its says about delivery is sale pending. It doesn't give any info on transit
From my understanding..... until your dealer tags the VIN with sold (mine is tagged sold) the database doesn't see a change in status and displays the last status, in your case "sale pending". not positive on how it all works tho'
Took delivery yesterday, 05/07. 60 miles impression below:

-Comfortable front seat, short on side support, throws me around at turns
-Engine Start/Stop, great combo, don't notice it most of time.
-At 6'1", ingress/egress is perfect without running board.
-13.5mpg first 60 miles
-Wind noise begins to pick up over 45mph
-Knee cushion is so nice at turns
-Toyota remote app has finally done it, great functions
-Ride is quiet (just get use to the wind noise) (G-Wagon has worst wind noise)
-Engine noise, take a little to get used to (Coming from loud V8s)
-Interior material (FE LC) is better than Base GX550 Overtrail (Haven't exprience GX550 Premium yet)
-2nd row seat little stiff
-Not much room between front tires & suspension components
-Ride comfort is acceptable, on the bouncy side. My Raptor R rides better with Fox suspension & quieter as well, with 37s.

I'll be trying on 33/12.5/18 tires to OEM wheel later on today, hoping for the best with no mod needed. Few photos for now. So tiny sitting next to my other girls, LOL (Photo doesn't reflect due to angle)
So you’ve had yours for a bit now, I’m very curious your thoughts at this point specifically compared to the Overtrail GX. I will be looking to buy in about a month or so and about every day I swap back and forth between going with the GX or the LC with premium package.

LC pros:
  • I prefer the front end of the LC vs the GX
  • Significantly better gas mileage
  • I loooove the Heritage Blue and brown leather color combination
  • 3 zone climate/air vents in the ceiling in the back (I don’t think reviewers have bragged on this enough, this is huge for carseats)
  • LC has that nostalgic, long lasting name association

GX Pros:
  • Other than the grille, I think I prefer the styling of the GX just a bit more
  • V6 engine might get worse gas mileage but I have heard nothing but incredible praise for how it drives, sounds, etc.
  • More cargo space. I know why it’s there, but the battery hump in the LC is a bummer
  • Acoustic glass. I’ll be coming from a Wrangler so either one will be a wind noise improvement, but the GX seems to win in that category vs LC from what I’ve heard.
Biggest cons of the GX for me are the lack of overhead air vents (I know the luxury trim gets them but I’m specifically looking at the Overtrail) and, more importantly, the distance to the closest dealership. I’m about an hour ish away from my closest Lexus. While I hope it’s never a need, any recalls or repairs will be a bit of a pain to deal with logistically vs being able just drop the LC off at the local Toyota dealer.

All that to say, it sounds like you drove an Overtrail and now own the LC. I’d love to get some in depth thoughts from you on pros/cons and if you think the LC was a better choice for you after having it for a bit.
Love our new FE! Last Monday, our salesman called and said if we didn’t want to wait for “our” FE—at Long Beach since 4/30 and expected 7/13, he had another in Meteor Shower he could secure from a nearby dealer, and we could pick it up the following day for the price we had previously agreed on. We jumped on the offer and headed to the Valley to pick it up on Tuesday, 7/2.

We are still learning about it, but are so happy with the vehicle. It’s plenty powerful-we’ve been in driving in ECO mode mostly. Left the dealership in Sport mode, but it was too jumpy off the line, etc. It’s fun to drive, and I love the visibility.

The technology is impressive (I’m coming from a 20yo car). Seats are comfortable (the husband is 6’ 5”). Two 6’ 6” sons sat in the back and had plenty of headroom, though they would’ve preferred a little more legroom.

We are so glad to finally have it - fits in the garage with about 3” to spare.

And Meteor Shower is gorgeous in person. I am so glad we persisted to find the FE color we wanted. MS looks different in various light, and I couldn’t love it more.


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My story is short, after making 100+ calls, found mine in Anaheim , (close to Disneyland) Southern California. Made a 500 deposit on May 24th. Was made at Tahara on May 31st. Landed at Long Beach, on board Sakura Limited on June 23rd. Currently, going through port installed options. Hopefully coming to dealership on July 19th at MSRP. VIN is JTEABFAJ3R5003401. Can barely wait.