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peter ward

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Mar 21, 2024
landcruiser amazon td
I have had a landcruiser amazon 4.2 deisel 2006 for the last 12 years and need to give it some tlc. 180k and body work a bit scruffy.
I have joined the forum for advice and tips. Currently I am trying to source rear reflector lights for the tailgate and the genuine parts are fiercely expensive.
Can anyone advise on how to source parts. I understand my vehicles lights were only put on the model for a couple of years
Any advise or direction most appreciated
IH8MUD Forum Hopefully an enthusiast on here will have some good advice for you. If not, as the focus of this group is the upcoming 24 LC, this is the forum I see come up on here recommended for the older models. Sounds like a nice rig you’ve got!
Welcome! IH8Mud is definitely the site to check out for older LC information.