Mini Me?, did someone notice what Toyota posted as 2025 RAV 4


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Sep 11, 2023
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It had a red color. It was listed as 2025 RAV 4. It was a true mini me of 2024 LC 250. I would love to have both
Did I notice correctly that 1958*250, 2024 has both a digital speedometer and an analog one. This is really helpful and many new vehicles have this combo already.
Sorry friends, I was jumpy. The LC 250 look alike, I named mini me, was on an Australian website called whichcar.
SuperSix corrected me thankfully.
link is https://www. au/news/new-2025-toyota-rav4-imagined.
To me, it is highly desirable and macho looking and so so good looking, specially if you also own the 250 model in same color.
I hope this is not true. The LAST thing I want to be driving is a larger version of a RAV4. I doubt they'd do it - would completely devalue the LC250.
I like their renders! I could almost see them doing a Ford like thing (Bronco & Bronco Sport) & marketing a mini LC as … LC something mini. Then the RAV4 could be more cutesy crossover like, Toyota’s Escape. I’m not a fan of that orange Aztec render in the article, but a more LC mini like vehicle would free them up to move the RAV4 in a different direction.