Lift & leveling kit options

From the Westcott video it sounds like the LC200 rear coils fit (He used the OME 722 for 0.75" lift) with older gen Tundra rear shocks.. but fronts required a bunch of custom work to fit.

The Westcott front porch with OME 722 could be a good cheaper fix. (Think that's what's on the Blue one)
The kits available for the Tacoma should be compatible right? I assume because they both have the same frame design.
Does anyone know if they make adjustable shocks for Toyotas that would work for the LC?
On my Sprinter, I had Falcon adjustable shock from van compass. Was nice to keep it tight during the weekly commute, but soften them up when off roading.
This one has full King suspension + camburg UCA

Probably because 4 doors more whores? ๐Ÿคฃ
From our gx550 forum frens.
I assume pre-load collars are the pucks/spacers that mount on top of the shock/strut lowering the entire assembly. They do not compress the spring, rather lowers the entire assembly. I installed them on my Tacoma ...... no additional compression. I then added Bilstein 6112 shocks/springs.. which changed the position on the CV joints, increasing the angle and placed additional stress on the CV joints.

Some have added differential lowering spacers which puts the CV joints back to a lesser angle, but that also creates an additional issue........ it rotates the differential, which may create an oil starvation at the pinion output bearing. I did not add the lowering spacers and did notice a very slight binding/pop at full lock AND going over a bump.

Some installed the long travel control arms and longer CV axles which seemed to alleviate the issues mentioned above.
I assume pre-load collars are the pucks/spacers that mount on top of the shock/strut lowering the entire assembly. They do not compress the spring, rather lowers the entire assembly.
Pre-load collars are different than spacers. Thereโ€™s a link I posted earlier in this thread which gives a good overview of the differences.
I see the difference, preload collars mount on top of the spring, what I call Pucks, mount on top of the strut or spring hat. In my case, the Bilstein 6112 shocks have an adjustable bottom spring perch. Installing a preload collar appears to require the removal of the top hat. I don't know if you've ever taken a top hat off a strut....... the spring is under a LOT of tension and is very dangerous to remove without a proper spring compressor. ie... attempting to compress the spring with the cheapo Harbor Freight screw type spring compressors may not end very well.

I had to purchase a hydraulic compressor to adjust my shocks.
Id assume all major playes will have a kit out shortly.
One Im particularly interested in is the Icon EXP shocks.. they seem to be a middle ground between the spacers/Westcott style and full on adjustable suspension. They are 2.5" shocks and re-use the factory coils. Somewhat closer to a bilstein 5100 in an upgraded package.
They make them for the Tundra, older Tacoma and Bronco, so hopefully the new Toyota products will be coming.

Thats the big money external resevoir setup.. I believe in the 7k range!
It looks like the delta between EXP and regular stage 1 is only ~$600.

They have a stage 1 for the Tacoma listed already, and the LC probably isn't too different. Finding an LC to test on is probably challenging right now.

Anyone know which Fox-TRD shock was used on the front of the Westcott lift? Sounds like they used a Tundra shock on the rear.
Tundra as well, but a ton of modifications...think is outlined in that video.
I ordered the Westcott kit the day the pre-orders opened up, and it looks like they will start shipping in early July. ๐Ÿ™Œ

Timing may turn out to be perfect as my FE was just released from QC hold and should be at the dealer in 2-3 weeks.

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