Heated rear seats retrofit potential?


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Apr 1, 2024
2017 Toyota Tacoma Limited, 2022 Tesla Model Y
There is a blank under the climate control panel. Perhaps was reserved for heated seats? Toyota sure love their blanks....
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The heated seat buttons are next to the display. The GX gets them. The landcruiser in foreign markets get them.
The Land Cruiser US owner's manual describes heated rear seats "if equipped", so perhaps future model years will include them.



I had an upholstery shop install aftermarket seat heating pads underneath the seat covers in an SUV I previously owned that didn't come with heated seats and they worked great. They weren't very expensive, but the HIGH/OFF/LOW switches didn't look OEM. Presumably the same could be done here.

Since heated rear seats are available in other markets, it may also be the case that heating elements are already installed in the rear seats but aren't connected to a wiring harness and/or switches. Manufacturers sometimes do this to minimize costs by reducing part numbers. Land Rover did this with the Discovery Series II and all it took to activate them was to install OEM switches.
Heated Seat Activation Kit