Dealer in Ms. just got allocation


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Nov 20, 2023
22 tundra
Dealer just got allocation for Land Cruiser in black , but it is their understanding that they will hold all until they can deliver 1 to every dealer that is allocated one about the same time . that is for the Gulf State Region only . Weather that is true or not who knows.
black is my least favorite color
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In Ms its hot and black is not cool , they look good but a night mare
Agree with black being least favorite color too. But almost 50% of Fe are black. Next is the silver color about 25%.
funny my sales person says the same thing, I guess there's some truth to it. the first one allocated to my dealership is also on distribution hold
They all were shipped from Japan without the roof racks installed on them. They are all being held at port in the southeast until they are installed. Looking like May until every dealer has their first edition.