2024+ Land Cruiser Meteor Shower Photo Thread

In Jamaica we do have the LC300 as well.
Interesting. I had heard that the Caribbean market (TTA, Inc. supplied) was getting LC250 badged as a 'Land Cruiser' (like the USA, UK, and mainland Europe) but that's usually reserved for countries that do NOT get the LC300 (I didn't realize Jamaica gets the LC300). Interesting that you get the 'Land Cruiser' LC250 (vs. 'Land Cruiser Prado' badge) and 'Land Cruiser' LC300. FYI, Guatemala gets the 'Land Cruiser Prado' LC250 (but that's not TTA, Inc. or the Caribbean).
Not mine (waiting for Blue LC trim) - but here's a meteor shower FE at my local dealer. This one is already spoken for (they opened it for me, but politely requested I didn't get in it)

Chose to pass on this 1958. The color was not for me. Will hold out for one in Ice Cap.
In certain lighting it has purple and pink show up. Reminded my wife of her momโ€™s 90s era Cadillac. In full transparency Iโ€™m fan of white and was expecting this 1958 to arrive in that color. There was a mix up and the dealer got a meteor shower. Iโ€™m the type to hold out for what I want.
Iโ€™m holding out for wind chill pearl :) Havenโ€™t seen a post with WCP delivery yet. Seems like there are more delivery of meteor shower. Iโ€™m debating whether if I want a meteor shower.
Are those the tires that came on it?
Yeah, that's how it was sitting at the dealer... Nitto Ridge Grapplers. I have no idea if the dealer or factory did it. Looks nice with the aggressive tread (to me at least)!
I ended up getting meteor shower. Color just drew me in. I was waiting for underground, but love the round headlights, too. Itโ€™s a very nice color. It said โ€œbrown sugarโ€ somewhere, too.
If this is a Jamaica vehicle, which Iโ€™m jealous that itโ€™s diesel, what other options did it come with? 3rd row? Heated/cooling rear seats?
Jamaica didn't get the round light option, even though we did get a hand full of First Editions. We get Diesel engine, third row seats, heating and cooling seats although we don't need heated seats.
Don't be jealous as there are lots we didn't get like roof rack, side bars, aluminum skid plates and rigid fog lights, to mention a few.