2024+ Land Cruiser Ice Cap Photo Thread


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Jul 7, 2023
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Let's see those Ice Cap Land Cruisers!

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Here's a video of the new Land Cruiser in what I think is Ice Cap white.

That looks great with all the black lower body trim, black door handles, and black roof rack.
Do you know the manufacturer of the bumper?
I think it's a Toyota bumper. I'm not sure if it's just offered overseas or if it will be offered as a US accessory.
goodness what a lovely video. Appreciated the camera person showing the gloss of the paint. Now I'm reconsidering my color choices. This looks fabulous, and with Java seats!
Interesting, if you translate it. I saw the one part where Toyota can only bring 11,000 units per year to EU due to CO2 regulations.
I could not figure out how to translate the video. I just looked at the "pictures", Haha.
Thanks, hopefully this bumper will be offered in the US.
minimize paint chips if paint is thin coated (enviro friendly).
Been scratching my head to know the difference between Wind Chill and Ice cap. Ice cap is a flat white, with a clear coat (used to be called Super White). The wind chill pearl, is a white paint, with flakes. Ice edge is not wind chill, but wanted to give a side by side of the different whites in the sun.
I like the flakes, but I really am loving the stark white with black trim look. Going to be hard to make a decision.

It's definitely a tough decision to decide between the two. The Wind Chill color appeals to me more than Toyota's older pearl white variant (Blizzard Pearl?), which seemed to give off a yellowish tint Check out this photo of the 2024 Tacoma in Wind Chill