Skiing in LC250


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Dec 5, 2023
Toronto, Canada
Hi I have an upcoming lc250 on pre order in Ontario Canada . Still not 100 percent decided
One thing that’s bothering me quite a bit is that is seems the lc250 and gx550 have a 60/40 bench so you will have to put your skis on the car if four people travelling ? Is this confirmed ?
It’s a pretty negative for me

Given the roof height of these trucks putting skis on roof also not very practical .
The land rover defender and current generation 4Runner have 40/20/40 bench which is much practical
A 40/20/40 bench was available on the existing generation Landcruiser 150. But I did not noticed it in the videos with the new LC250.
But, this is a big car and today skis are shorter. It should fit on the long diagonal of the cargo space.
Yea I hope so we’ll see it may not . Mr skis are 163 in short . They fit diagonal across most 3 row crossovers but house have a 48 inch floor length I don’t think this trunk will be as big
163cm should be no problem, even with the higher cargo floor due to the hybrid battery. Anyhow as soon as they get one at the dealership, go there with your gear and check.
I'm a former ski racer and ski racing Dad (hence my forum handle) so have seen skis transported every way you can imagine. I've seen many families over the years lean the ski tips up on the back of the centre seat (middle seat) when 4 people on board. Pretty sure there are tie-downs in the back of the LC, so you could secure them that way if you prefer. If 163 are your longest skis, you shouldn't have any problems. That said, a roof box in no problem as well. You can stand on the running boards to access them. My daughter's boyfriend drives a 2007 Sequioa, and their skis always ride up top with no issue. He's 5'8" and she's 5'4".
I would agree with Skidaddl re: 163s. Wife's boards are 149 so no issue in the rear of my current 200 when we have more than 4 pairs and would expect no issue in the 250 (not on order...). My boards are 171 length (105 waist ) and usually ride on top in ski rack. Wife (5'2)has no issue reaching rack. but like above, once 250's come in, might have to look at a sleeker (less tall) ski rack than my current Thule