Let's guess CURB WEIGHT... GX550 has been leaked...

Can’t do a 4Runner they’re similar in power and mileage of my 17 year old Pilot, just sick of the 15/20 mpg my pilot gets while being slow at same time. The new performance hybrids are fast and quite a bit better on fuel. We’ll see how the redesign looks of the 4Runner looks in a year.

My summer daily is a blown CTS-V and gets 14/23, but doesn’t feel so bad when I’m making 600hp.
LC250 mpg is (at least reported to be, as of today) far better than your Pilot.
I saw someone on Facebook post the GVWR on each trim. A source wasn't mentioned though.

LC 1958 - 6,725 lbs
Land Cruiser - 6,725 lbs
First Edition - 6,835 lbs
5350-5500 lbs. Depends on the spec, but that's the basic range.

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