Let us HOPE the repair for the port holds are not this complex!

One of the reasons I don't care for sun roofs. If it were mine and out of warranty ....... my fix would be much faster!............ It wouldn't ever open again without the use of a razer blade......LOL
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The fact I can’t buy a Land Cruiser with JBL and the HUD without a damn sunroof is making me lean more towards a GX500 Overtrail because you can get that without a sunroof and still get other options.

Toyota’s options packaging of the LC250 sucks.
I don't like that you have to have the cold box with the Premium. Not something I'd ever use, and the center console is way too small.
I'm thinking my cold box will end up being a small storage area about day 2.......... (Day 1 I'll have to see how it works). I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for 1958 in wrecking yards and salvage the bin!

On a similar note....... if anyone has access to prt numbers, I'm looking to purchase the smaller trim panel the just below the climate controls (the one that has a single switch and a blanking plate). I would like to try and mill out a cubby opening and 3D print a storage pocket/cubby and plastic weld it into place etc........

This will not be a hack job!
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Any chance the cold box is simply a drop in unit and can simply be removed to leave a regular center console? Id be shocked if Toyota made different versions of the console..
Looking at the pictures, it appears to be a drop-in/fastened and could be easily be retro fitted. I think OEM dealer parts would be expensive, but salvage would be doable.