Legacy Graphics?


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Sep 4, 2023
North Texas
2017 Ram Power Wagon, 2009 Jeep Wrangler JKUR
I enjoy the history of vehicles, especially the ones years back that added decals, stripes, logos, etc. On my Jeep JKUR I replicated a 1975 Cherokee side graphic that I put a picture of in the Introductions folder.

I came across a company (Frankston) that makes legacy graphics for LC’s and wanted to ask opinions of how one would look in a new 2024 LC.

Example I was looking at, since I was planning to get the Meteor Shower color is below. I‘m thinking this may be a cool thing to do:

Doesn't really matter what we think. If it floats your boat, go for it. It will surely make yours stand out.
I think the First Edition Trail Dust with the Toyota Heritage graphics you show above would look awesome.
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I think that would be awesome. Definitely unique and you won't see it on another vehicle. I say go for it and we can do a whole write-up on it!
I ran across these graphics via Google. The company site a some different colors and also rear graphics. With some patience it would be an easy task to re-size the to the new LC. I did that with my JKUR and it turned out well.

TRD Sunrise is a throwback.