Landcruiser Forum Aftermarket Discounts


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Apr 20, 2024
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Mainly a question for the admins, BUT….see we looking into how open certain aftermarket companies like JAOS might be to offering discounts to forum members? Heck maybe even Toyota corporate wouldn’t be a bad idea to see as there is quite a catalog available.

It’s early days, but I suspect there is an avenue here as the relationship exists with forums and other brands.

not just going to drop an idea and run so also happy to start w outreach or whatever. Just something to think about.
It would be great to work with aftermarket companies to provide discount for the community. Maybe we can get some group buys organized as well.
A discount or group buy sounds great. On the topic of aftermarket products, generally how long does it take after the release of a completely new vehicle for aftermarket accessories (brush guards, seat covers etc) to come to market?