Land Cruiser trims; what’s included??


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Jun 8, 2024
Milwaukee, WI
Hey, everyone!!!
Aside from the port installed options, what SHOULD be included in every trim?
I have the First Edition, and it included the rubber floor mats, not sure if included a rear cargo mat of sorts; however I was missing the hitch cover that gets used when towing, which I notified the dealer and they order one for me. (The manual says it’s included.) There was a post as to what it looked like, which help me in contacting the dealer. Again, I read somewhere here, too, that leather key fobs were a part, and I ended up finding them in the glove box, along with a tow hitch pin. First aid kit was also in the trunk.

So, First Edition:
-towing rear hitch cover, small one
-hitch pin
-two leather key fobs
-first aid kit
Mine is supposed to include a "Emergency Assist KIt", "cup holder/coin holder cup", door edge guards.

Not sure if those are dealer specific option.
Can you show where in the manual it says it’s included?
Yes! The manual, page 211 is towing, but right before the image on page 212, it states it is included.


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Picked up my land cruiser trim (non-Premium) last week.

All weather floor mats (no cargo mat)
Running Boards
First Aid Kit
Smaller hitch cover
Hitch Pin

Port Installed Options:
Illuminated door sills
Roof Rack

Dealer Options: None