Howdy - Landcruiser Traildust FE from Austin


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Jul 8, 2024
Austin, TX
Landcruiser FE 2024
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Howdy from Austin. Been a LC owner for a week now but I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. Loving the LC so far. Getting Ceramic Tint put on Friday and then planning on getting some K03's and a 2.5 inch lift. Considering the Wescott lift that keeps factory suspension and handling but maybe it makes sense to wait for something else to come on the market later? I'm new to all of this so would love some advice or tips. Also considering 35' KO3's but unsure whether to put them on the factory 18s or to buy new 17s. Not sure what I would do with my old wheels or how easy it is to sell if I do that. Any advice or feedback much appreciated.
if i was you i would just buy some 270 70 18 ko3 and call it a day for a year
if you buy 35s you need wider rims and a lift maybe better to wait if you got the money better to get a real lift (kings Icon Fox )
and the kids love new rims for da tacos it will sell fast
congrats hope i get one someday