How long did it take from when you placed deposit?


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Jul 6, 2024
I placed my deposit today for a mid level land cruiser in heritage blue. They said it would take a year. That was after they were trying to sell me a different color model that is being delivered in 2 months. So I don't know how much they were trying to persuade me to not wait a year.

So, how long did it take those who read this to receive their LC after they placed their deposit?

Hey there mrpoopyface, welcome. Well, one good thing, and I am probably in the same boat, it may be into the 2025 MY, with some of the glitches worked out. They tried to substitute a 1958, but holding tight for a Land Cruiser trim with the Premium Pkg. To partially answer your question, put a deposit down 5 weeks ago, and it is not in the queue yet, to be manufactured, shipped, or otherwise. Small dealer, good interaction, so I am sure it got entered into the Toyota ordering system.
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About 6 months. I put a deposit on a 1958 model on January 9, 2024 at Toyota of Cedar Park (Texas). It was delivered July 3. It might well have been longer had it been another trim. When I went in to take delivery, they said they had delivered about ten or so Land Cruisers to date, but fewer LC and FE trims than 1958s, I think.
I'll warn that the dealer pushed pretty hard to add $1100 in dealer-installed options as delivery was imminent (window tint and protective packages), justifying them by saying they don't charge over MSRP and that they weren't really an option. I looked at another 1958 edition as it was delivered to the dealer the previous day, and it had plenty of window tint as delivered from the distributor. The distributor also added the Toyota protective package, so the dealer-installed options seemed similar and pointless. To the dealer's credit, they ultimately did not insist on the options after I said I wasn't in a hurry and was willing to find another dealer if necessary and get on another waiting list. I also wonder how they would have added more window tint than the vehicle already had; mine had just the right amount.
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I would definitely shop around. Use the build function on the Toyota website and use it to look at inventory (set the range at 500 miles). Then start calling. Three weeks ago, I did my build on a Monday, third dealer I called had one unspoken for, drove 50 miles on Tuesday to put down deposit, unit was delivered to dealership that Friday night, picked it up Saturday morning. Meteor Shower, prem pkg, black interior. Did pay the 5K mark up but nothing for unwanted dealer installed options. May not be a typical experience but just sharing so you know it's possible!
So panda express, that's exactly where I put my deposit down at, cedar park of Toyota :).
Called my salesmanโ€™s about 3 weeks ago told him I wanted a lc/lc trim. He said he had two coming in and both were spoken for. He said he could put my name on the next allocation. About a week ago he called said he was able to trade a 1958 allocation with another dealer for a lc. Said it would have the 20โ€ wheels for sure but I could configure most anything else. Just had to add cross bars and everything else was fine. Checked Toyota site and it is scheduled for end of July- mid August. Granted itโ€™s not here yet. Iโ€™ve purchased several new vehicles from this salesman over the years, no mark up. But like others have said, check Toyota site, build - inventory contact dealer and make sure they understand you are serious in purchasing a new vehicle.
About 4 hours. I had given up shopping for one for a while and randomly checked the local inventory yesterday. Saw first that markups were evaporating since the last time I looked, and then that there was one matching everything I wanted - Land Cruiser edition w/ premium package, Meteor Shower, only wheel locks added. Called and it was available w/ no markup, so put a deposit down and drove down a few hours later to pick it up.
My impression; Toyota does not make it helpful to have a preferred dealership or salesperson or anything like that. They can't really order you a car. They get what they get, and can try and trade allocations around, but for the most part, the best way to buy a Toyota is to look at Toyota's inventory tool and see what dealers are getting what you want - then start calling them. When they give you a time far out they are 1) hoping you'll compromise and buy something already there or on the way there 2) not sure they will ever get what you want, but can throw out a big number (1 year!) and figure by then they should get something close to what you want.
I put my depost down May 27th... Still waiting! Now my second arrival time... unless changes again will be 7/9 - 7/27. My LC arrived in Port on April 30th and is presently for the past 2 weeks not on hold? I'm ready to get the thing now!!!!
I put my deposit down on 6/25/2024. I found out two days ago (7/05/2024) that the vessel departed 6/10/2024. It is due to arrive 7/11/2024 - 7/13/2024. Estimated arrival at dealership 7/22/2024 - 7/26/2024.
I think with the QC hold what a lot of us have spent waiting post deposit is no longer applicable, so canโ€™t compare to whatโ€™s happening now. Mine has been in port since April and passed qc and ready for delivery. I think wait list are clearing up - lots of people finding trims are expensive or people with multiple deposits buying. Inventory is better than I expected. Some FEs are even unspoken for. Good luck with your search - I wouldnโ€™t stick with 1 dealer as I donโ€™t think they can order - they can trade with other dealers, but they get what toyota gives them it would seem. In my case I asked for a specific colour and I think the dealer put in the request, but there were no guarantees.
I also put a deposit down in Aug '23. I have been offered 2 builds that weren't close to what I specified. I find it strange that people on this forum talk about their builds like they placed orders for them? Seems like my dealer's process is to wait until one to your liking falls into your lap. Or are customers taking trims and colors that aren't their top choice at this point?
I don't buy new cars very often, but if I am paying $70k for something it better be the color and trim I want at a minimum.
Placed a deposit on 6/30/24 for projected delivery range 7/11/24-08/02/2024. I have the Vspec and that VIN has been taken off the dealer's website.
I put my deposit down on 6/25/2024. I found out two days ago that the vessel departed 6/10/2024. It is due to arrive 7/11/2024 - 7/13/2024. Estimated arrival at dealership 7/22/2024 - 7/24/2024.
From Bay area, CA,

Put the Deposit on 2023-Oct.
I think its delayed this long because, I am specific on one Color, Trim and not ready to pay Markup
I was not in a hurry to replace my current car as its going strong (2015 Highlander 64k) and just came from a Yellowstone Road trip.

If I was ready to compormise on any of the above, I felt I might have been a 3-months old LC owner by now.

As of now still waiting and is expected by August..

Also I have seen lot of reply related tracking the car in ship.
Is tracking possible if I have the VIN ?
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