Time for new wheels


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Jun 7, 2024
Alpharetta, GA
2024 Land cruiser FE (Heritage Blue)
Good day to all,

I took delivery a few weeks ago and so far I’m very happy with the my FE LC. Already took it once to the Blue Ridge Mountains, as well as a road trip to Sarasota recently and it’s been very comfortable and performing better than I had expected. That said before taking delivery I had the dealer throw on some 265/70R/18 Nitto ridge grapplers. I was hoping someone has had success in swapping wheels but I want to keep the tires since they’re brand new basically. Any tips and or suggestions? Anyone have the perfect offset info dialed in yet? I’d like to widen the stance without compromising anything. Thanks in advance!


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I'd be interested in buying your stock wheels If you end up swapping them out. The tire upgrade thread on this forum has a fair amount of info from people who have switched out both tires and wheels.
I will keep you in mind and decide to sell them. I will check the other thread out when I have more time to read through everything. Thank you!