Rear seat hip / shoulder width


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May 16, 2024
2015 Subaru Forester
Could somebody physically measure the rear seat width at the hips and shoulders for me? I have numbers online but want some verification. Coming from a Subaru forester and planning on kid seating arrangements. This is our second car and I have 3 kids - one car seat one booster and one out. Just wanted estimates on how much room they will have.

My other car is a Sienna mini van so our long haul comfort people mover is all set. Don’t think I need a second 7 passenger car for a family of 5
The hips are 57". Not sure of the shoulder width. It is recommended that for three child car seats at least one has to be no bigger than 17".
Also these seat buckle extenders do wonders for finding the buckle in the middle seat.

My forester is 53 so I think with extra 4 inches should be fine
Can three car seats be easily buckled into the rear seat?