Rear platform and aux 12V power - seen on FB


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Nov 21, 2023
Little Rock, AR
Been waiting for someone to get creative and found this guy's post on FB in the 2024+ Toyota Land Cruiser Group. He's made a rear platform for sleeping that evens out the large second row hump created by folding down seats and added a charge controller and Anderson plug to the accessory battery in the rear.

Super interested to explore with you experts the pros and cons of connecting into the rear battery as an accessory battery! What would be the purpose of charge controller? Maybe so you could charge the 12v battery with solar or shore power?
I understand that the hybrid battery is used most of the time to start the engine, with the 12v battery in the back mainly used to power lights, windows, etc. And could be called on rarely to power the traditional starter in the case of the hybrid battery being too low...


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