Power Running Boards


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Jul 26, 2023
Rexburg, ID
A stretch I know, but does anybody have experience with power running boards in severe winter weather? Does road ice/snow accumulating under them render them inoperative? I really desire these for the wife, and I think the fixed running boards will be too high from the ground for her, but better them than frozen-in-place power running boards.
Power running boards can have issues with wintry buildup. Depending on how bad the crud is, they can sometimes break through the lighter icy layers to deploy. Most power running boards have a switch to leave them deployed, or to leave them retracted depending on weather conditions. I only have experience with AMP Reserch, and that was in the snowy mountains of Colorado. A lot of folks run them out there.
I've had AMP on 2 vehicles but never in severe winter weather with build up. Never had a problem though.