New Trail Dust mid.


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Feb 24, 2024
2022 Bronco SAS; 2018 F250; 2016 Ram Longhorn
Picked up my Trail Dust mid yesterday in Cheyenne. Had my preferred color, and the Soft Tec rather than leather- also my first choice. Plus 18" wheels rather than the 20". I was negotiating on a few others, but all were on the dreaded QC hold. Plus, in each case they had the premium package and 20" wheels. By the time you buy 5 x 18" wheels and tires, it is a big $ hit. Not much demand for people to buy your 20" takeoffs. Plus the Premium package has some stuff I don't care about. This is everything I need, and nothing I don't. Will be getting new KO 3's this week. 275/70/18. More to follow.


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Woohoo another Trail Dust buddy congrats! Hopefully picking mine up in July. Following this thread as I will also be adding KO3's in 275/70/18 as a first mod. Very bummed about having to buy a 5th wheel/tire, seems like an avoidable cost. Tried to talk the dealer out of it and they threatened to take away my allocation lol.
You have great taste, that's exactly the configuration I'm hoping to get. Could you post a picture of the payload sticker from the driver's door?
New BFG KO3's on today. 275/70/18. Also, regarding the Soft Tec, it is great. I prefer it to leather. I had the MGV seats on my '22 Bronco. Feels similar. The Trail Dust is a great color. People compliment us wherever we go.


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Well, I live at 7600' in the San Juan Mountains, with 6 miles of dirt road to get to my house. So, in that sense, every day is an off-road adventure. We live near Telluride and Ouray. Ouray is usually considered the 4X4 capitol of Colorado. The serious trails, like Black Bear Pass, are still snowed in, but should open up in the next week or two.
You have great taste, that's exactly the configuration I'm hoping to get. Could you post a picture of the payload sticker from the driver's door?


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Your photos cemented my preference for Trail Dust over Heritage Blue or Meteor Shower. Like others, you have exactly the configuration I want. Great to see those rectangular headlights after so many of the "others".

I have no idea when I'll get a call from my dealer but suspect it'll be winter. I've actually started looking at an Ineos Grenadier as a diversion...
I also had a Trail Dust mid reserved with Gregory Spencer, McDonald Toyota in Greeley CO. This one came available out of the blue, so I grabbed it. When I cancelled my other reservation, Greg told me it had cleared the QC hold, and should be in Greeley soon. It has the Premium package, but still the right color. You might want to call 970-300-5102
congrats. waiting on a mid level trail dust. big fan of the rectangle lights.

is that the standard roof rack?
Optional roof rack
Thanks @mrock !

I guess they are all 1100 pounds payload, I don't think I've seen any number but that.
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looks great! love the color, just not sure if that color would mask or fail to mask the Ohio winter's nonsense ... but it sure looks great!