Has TMC policy changed where a dealer can actually “Order” a specific vehicle w/specific options??


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Jan 5, 2024
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Hello, To the best of my knowledge which I concur I don’t know this for fact but Toyota dealers get or obtain what ever vehicles are allocated to them. In past years I’ve asked about ordering different models from a Prius to a Land Cruiser. Told always we get what they send us.
Now Im seeing or hearing I’ve ordered one? Can someone within TMC confirm this please.

By the way I am planning on obtaining a new Cruiser, but will not pay one cent over MSRP.
According to my dealership in Canada, Toyota is taking pre-order info (trim & colour).
US here, I was 8th on the list when I signed up Sept/Oct, and have not been contacted regarding an order. That said, they have my trim and color preferences, I figure that's enough for now until we get a little closer or at least get the US Announcement.