Greetings from Sundance, Utah

Sundance kid

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Jun 9, 2024
Sundance, Utah
2024 Land Cruiser 1958 model
Just picked up my shiny new black 1958. Lovin' it. Previous Toys: 91 4Runner, 96 Land Cruiser, 96 4 Runner, 07 FJ Cruiser. Excited to put the LC to the test this winter in "The Greatest Snow on Earth" in the Wasatch mountains of Utah.

2024  Land Cruiser 1958.jpg
Welcome Sundance Kid, and congrats! Snow? Well, I thought I would like it, but as I age, and do not recreate in the white stuff, our LC, should we ever get it, will be used in rural snowless southern Nevada searching out mines/ghost towns, or the remnants thereof. This said, you live in a beautiful area...
Welcome, kid One of my favorite movies:
Welcome and congrats. Iโ€™m just north in Davis County and with a white 1958. ๐Ÿ‘
Visited Sundance just last summer - so nice !! Congrats - nice LC