Demo GX's at dealer in November


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Aug 24, 2023
Oklahoma City, OK
I just got back from the local Lexus dealer (eskridge Lexus in Oklahoma City) having service done on my wife's ES.

Both my salesman and the lady at the service desk told me they were told they would have two demo GX's in mid to late November. The trucks would be for customers to look over and do test drives. They would also have pricing and accessory details at that point.

Hopefully Toyota dealers will have more Land Cruiser info around that time also.
Got this email from my Lexus dealer this morning. Will go check it out this afternoon.


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Got this email from my Lexus dealer this morning. Will go check it out this afternoon.

Let us know what you think! Someone on the GX550 Forum posted today that the release date was getting pushed back:
spoke to Bobby Rahal toyota in Lancaster, PA

there list is 50 deep for 3 locations.....Rep said their expecting a demo model in late January.

hopefully the above is not true.
Dropped by the dealer and took a look at the new GX. First thing is imposing. I know its only a little larger than a 4Runner (which I had for ten years) but it just looks big and impressive. They only had a black Premier+ and it was indoors so no driving. Also it was a prototype. There were a couple of obvious defects.

It was noticeably taller than a 4Runner and the step in height was about 2-3 inches higher. I am 6'1" and in my 4Runner I had about 1.5" between my head the the sunroof frame. In the GX it was close to 3". The layout of the dash and center controls was very well thought out. Couldn't turn on the gauges because the battery was dead from too many people trying it earlier in the day. The seats were much better than the old GX and 4Runner. While we were looking two other couples put down deposits.

Overall I was very impressed with what I saw. My intention is to get an Overtrail but I am waiting until there are driving reviews of both the GX and Land Cruiser. I am leaning to the GX for the extra towing capacity but at least in pics like the looks of the Land Cruiser better. I am definitely buying one or the other.

They had the same model and accessory costs taped to the windshield that we have seen in Youtube videos so those seem legit.