Contract Before Arrival


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May 23, 2024
I’m on the waiting list with a deposit already down. Dealer has one I can get but wants me to come in and sign some sort of a contract now to have it reserved. The LC will get to the dealer in 5 weeks.

Is this normal?
Normally you sign an agreed upon price sheet (with final MSRP, taxes, title, and any other fees) from the sales manager. I've never heard of a contract, the price sheet ensures no surprise fees or markups when you go and pick it up.
I signed a contract/reservation, said contract gives me a 3 day hold to decide on purchase once the vehicle arrives at the dealership.
That is normal and also something you want as well.

Check the VIN and options and ensure everything is in line.

Also, add a clause to the purchase contract indicating it is fully contingent on the factors above as well as acceptable condition of the vehicle upon delivery.
I supposedly have first dibs on a vehicle but haven't put anything down. Just gave them my driver's license and proof of insurance so far. Makes me a little wary because it was too easy. Guess we'll see.

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