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Sep 16, 2023
Laguna Niguel, California
2004 Land Cruiser
Greetings fellow LC aficionados! Started with 4Runners in 1991, had three in a row, all manual transmissions, graduated to Land Cruisers in 1998 and never looked back. Kept each until lease expired, 1998, 2001 then 2004. Bought the last one after the lease ran out. Just had the engine completely rebuilt at 350,000 miles due to loss of compression in one cylinder. Put 275/75/18 ATV tires on it years ago, speedo always read by about 10% less than true speed after that, so mileage probably underestimated, but recently got the Yellow box speedo convertor from Australia, highly recommended. Now speed, odometer and gas mileage are accurate. Had a 2021 non-Heritage edition I got from a dealer in Boston, but to tell you the truth, even though the controls and creature comfort conveniences were much improved and very nice, the ride really sucked, and not much padding on the coils in the seats, actually had to get a memory foam seat pad topper. Actually liked the 2004 much better. Ended up selling it in 2023 with 25,000 miles on it for the same as I paid for it. Put a deposit on Rivian SUV version, four motor, bigger battery, when orders originally became available. Now time to complete the contract, and I've heard so many horror stories about the repairs of the uni-body construction from minor accidents, and also the charging time, with an as of yet inadequate national charging grid, and then I saw Toyota once again, going back on their statement that "this would be the last LC model ever" in 2021. Well, I guess the hybrid is technically a completely different model, but its got the LC look and label, so not quite the red-headed step-child, but maybe a close cousin. I want to wait on the all electric vehicles until the grid is more complete and the technology improves enough to make it practical, i.e. integrated solar/magical charging and better batteries, or maybe the hydrogen cells will become a thing sooner than expected. Getting about 14 MPG after the rebuild, much better than before the rebuild and about the same as the 2021 was. I am strongly considering the 2024 LC Hybrid, but am concerned it will be underpowered with a four banger, no matter how much they turbo-charge it, plus now more things to go wrong and more expensive to fix. My 2004 is still my daily driver/only car/off road hunting/surfing/camping car and I guess it will be until the reviews start to come in on the 2024! Look forward to seeing experiences on this forum, thank you for making it available!