2024 Toyota Land Cruiser vs. the Lexus GX550 - Side by Side Comparison


If you are like us you are constantly comparing the the Lexus GX 550 and the Toyota Land Cruiser. TFL posted up this handy chart to give you a side by side comparison. Of course some of these numbers aren't currently known so they have some estimates in there. Still, a handy little chart none the less.

2024 Toyota Land Cruiser vs. Lexus GX 550: Charting the numbers

Toyota Land CruiserLexus GX 550
Engine2.4-liter I-4 Hybrid3.4-liter Twin-turbo V6
Transmission8-speed automatic10-speed automatic
Fuel Economy(mpg)27* (Manufacturer estimated)17* (Manufacturer estimated)
Towing Capacity(pounds)6,0008,000 (Premium, Overtrail)
Overall Length(inches)193.7197.0
Height(inches)73.276.2 (Overtrail)
Width(inches)– with mirrors84.283.2
Wheelbase (inches)112.2112.2
Ground Clearance (inches)8.7TBA
Approach Angle (degrees)31 (1958 trim: 30 deg.)26
Breakover Angle (degrees)2524 (Overtrail; other models 23 deg.)
Departure Angle (degrees)2222 (Overtrail; Premium 23 deg.; Luxury 21 deg.)
Projected MSRP~$55,000 (for base 1958 model)~$60,000 (Overtrail: ~$75,000)

Source: 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser vs. Lexus GX 550: Which One Is Right for You?
It's amazing the torque numbers are so close! I'd like to see some 0-60mph tests to see how quick they are in the real world.

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