2024 LC250 vs G Wagon

These are very different vehicles in my opinion. It’s interesting to hear the reviewer talk about the Land Cruiser as if historical vehicle characteristics will just appear on the LC 250 because the nameplate says Toyota. Developing an all new vehicle is incredibly challenging, and much work remains to enter production and fix unexpected flaws.
I really dislike the videos with the automated sounding voiceovers. They're usually not well-researched, and it feels like clickbait. For all the criticism of some of the Youtube crowd a lot of those guys really do the work, they drive the vehicles and they're earnest in their approach.

Like Wanderlust, I have learned a lot from The Car Care Nut channel, but I also appreciate David from Automotive Press, GX460 Off-Road, and Kirk Kreifels.
Agreed re CarCareNut, some great under-the-skin information. AutomotivePress does good at measuring panel seams and paint quality, not especially key data for me, but his info re plant-of-origin is valuable. Would like to know plant versus LC trim levels. We do know the GX will be from Tahara, but the LC from either Tahara or Hino.
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I posted the video because two weeks ago I visited a Mercedes dealer and they had inside the showroom a nice G Klass AMG 63 4liter V8 585HP huge ground clearance and 325/55R22 tires (I've never seen this size before). It looks tough. Very reasonable price also, with 19% tax included, brand new for only 355,000 Euro (some $376,000) 🤕
I hope you are joking. "reasonable price"? Not for my pocketbook! Besides, my goal is comfortable highway transport, and off-roading. The vehicle described is completely unsuitable.
I was joking.... I knew they are crazy expensive. Looks like they have no limits !
I was joking.... I knew they are crazy expensive. Looks like they have no limits !
I saw a version of that vehicle at my dealership during one of my many repair appointments. They had 1 unit in inventory and I'm told it sold between drop off and pick up of my car.

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