2024 Land Cruiser at Washington DC Auto Show this week


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Aug 10, 2023
Washington DC
Well kind of, it's a prototype that's locked, the Toyota rep at the show said the interior is incomplete. But the outside was definitely impressive, the profile really stands out. Wheels & tires (Michelin LTX) didn't appear to be OEM, but maybe they should, really make the truck look rugged. I was leaning towards the Heritage Blue, but the Protype at the show is Underground and is making me reconsider my color choice, really looks good. The Toyota rep said he expects the first models to arrive at dealerships in May, but said to allow for a few months after then for production to meet up with demand.

There was also a Lexus GX at the show which you could get in and check out, definitely bigger than I expected.

Thanks for passing an anticipated delivery date of May. Hope there are 5K First Edition buyers lined up…if not, could be a long wait….
I'm wondering if they limit the colors of 1st editions, someone said it may be trail dust and heritage blue 2 tone only
Such a good looking vehicle. Thank you for the pictures and the scuttlebutt on the timing. I figure, just in time for next season's snow.
Underground looks great as well! It's going to be hard to narrow it down to one. Thanks for sharing these photos!
Great photos! I hope Toyota brings that Land Cruiser to the Dallas auto show next month.
I could only imagine the mark up for an underground or black exterior first edition!
My dealer stated $10K over for a First Edition. A small dealership, IF they are allocated one. Add to that no choice over colors. As I have mentioned elsewhere, if $10K over, go for a GX550. Well, presuming the GX is not marked up also, but allegedly not per our dealer. And, it appears the GX, already in production, will beat the LC to the marketplace.
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Thanks for passing an anticipated delivery date of May. Hope there are 5K First Edition buyers lined up…if not, could be a long wait….
As I understand it, once the gates were opened in Germany, their allocation was sold out in 30 minutes. I think the First Editions will be gone in a heartbeat.
depends on the pricing and keep in mind, some people on the LC list are also on the GX list
also , anyone going to the NYIAS in NYC in March/April? I will be there and hoping to see at least 1 if not more LC trim(s)
The Chicago show opens to the media Thursday 2/8, and it is confirmed the LC will be present (not sure about which trim(s) but be on the lookout for more YouTube content
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That looks nice. I am hoping for a first edition but if I can't get one, I do like that color. If they are released in late May the timing for a first edition could be a problem since I will be out of the country most of June and July.