1958 Options


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Mar 4, 2024
2024 Land Cruiser, 1958 Ice Cap
I have been negotiating with a few dealerships on the 1958 model, and as part of my calculations, I consider how much certain options are worth to me. Here is my personal opinion on some commonly seen options for the 1958 model:

OptionMSRPValue to me
All Weather Cargo Mat + Floor Liners$358$358I need all weather liners and these seem to do the job and have the Land Cruiser name.
Door Edge Guard$155$75Not really needed and can find cheaper elsewhere
Connected Services $485$20Won't use this. Carplay only.
Illuminated Door Sills$360$75Unnecessary but would pay a minimal amount for it.
Predator Drop Step$7000Don't want this.
Quick Charging Cable package$70$15Already have cables.
Roof Rack$1440$800I want a rack but could get aftermarket rails and cross bars for less.
The only thing I would pay for are the floor liners. But they should be provided free of charge by Toyota.... as they were on my Land Cruiser in 2007. :oops:

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