Waiting for the 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser……


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Sep 17, 2023
Ford F250 Tremor
I am from Texas and I am super excited about the new Land Cruiser. I’m on two waiting lists at the moment and about to get on a third one.

I waited almost a year to find a 4Runner TRD Pro in white. Still no luck. So as long as it’s going to be 2024…might as well wait for the LC, which looks like it suits me better anyway.

Currently in a Ford F250 Tremor, which is way too tall for my parents to get in and out of. So something a little closer to the ground would be better. Plus the new LC are 🔥!
Welcome to the forum and the waiting party for the new Land Cruiser!

I think the new powertrain and tech features on the LC will be well worth the wait over the 4runner.