The Japan Mobility Show will begin on 28-Oct-2023


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Toyota appears to be shaking up the industry; Jeep’s CEO will be replaced on 01-Nov-2023 due to declining sales. Jeep is probably aware of what will be announced at the Japan Mobility Show this month; will we see another body-on-frame cruiser variant announcement?

The Japan Mobility Show will begin on 28-Oct-2023 at Tokyo Big Sight on Odaiba. There used to be a Toyota Museum called Megaweb Toyota City Showcase nearby in Koto City. I had a chance to visit the Museum before it closed; the Museum had lots of historical artifacts and even an F1 racing car simulator.

I think David from “AutomotivePress” will attend the show, so I expect lots of media coverage. I just can’t imagine how the TNGA-F platform can scale down from the Sequoia to something like the Corolla Cross; strength/weight compromises would be required to cover all those load requirements with laser welded reinforcement patches.
I have a hard time picturing it scaling down that far either. I’d expect more of a Bronco Sport type vehicle based on TNGA-C or K. I’ll be impressed though if they can do BOF for this!
Seems like several auto makers are pricing themselves out of the market for many people nowadays.
Toyota revealed the Baby Lunar Cruiser concept vehicle on 05-Oct-2023. I expect a mock-up could be at the Japan Mobility Show.

Future Concept Revealed: Toyota Baby Lunar Cruiser - Toyota USA Newsroom

It seems likely we'll see a production cruiser variant announcement soon from all the media chatter on the subject. My guess is the Land Hopper name was recently patented to prevent competitors from using it; Lunar Cruiser seems much cooler as a name for a vehicle.
Toyota announced some concept technology exhibits for the show today.

Exhibited models / Technology | Corporate | Global Newsroom | Toyota Motor Corporation Official Global Website

-unibody 3 row Land Cruiser Se
-unibody mid-size pick-up truck
-three-wheeled electric personal mobility scooter (Land Hopper)
-electric wheelchair
-experimental Lunar Cruiser
-NEO steer accessibility vehicle yoke controls

The new production vehicle announcement appears to be a sedan according to the news media. It appears the TNGA-F platform vehicles are released.
I got to watch the kick-off presentation and Lexus press release. Simon Humphries seemed to be taken back by the tepid response to the LF-ZL concept vehicle. The big take-away for me was Toyota’s electrification goals; it appears the current configuration of the GX550 will not be in production after 2035.
The FT-Se concept car looks pretty cool!


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