The Bar where the rear cargo cover is attached behind second Row.


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Oct 10, 2023
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There is a metal bar behind the 2nd row seats that goes across the entire width of the vehicle where the cargo cover is attached.

I am seeing it on the 1958 Trim, but not present in the LandCruiser Trim in some posts. My question is, Is that removable ?

Why I am asking is because, that's going to create issue if you are planning to sleep inside the car with an air mattress during road trips
(I sleep occasionally in my 2015 Highlander during trips and its comfortable)

This bar is visible in the pic in the below discussion
my recollection for most toyotas or cars with this option (wife drives a volvo xc60) these bars are removeable. there is usually a support bracket/cutout in the side panel where it can be slid in and out. or there's a release button to push and it pops out.

my rav4 has the support cutouts, but I never had a bar to use.

personally would like this for covering stuff if stored in the car. I am likely going to tint my LC so not sure this will really matter other than limiting the peeping tom from seeing whats underneath.