Some say the 2024 LandCruiser is a Mistake

Clickbait headline.
Nearly the entire video is running down the specs of the Land Cruiser models they had on hand. It wasn't funny, wasn't particularly entertaining. Didn't provide any new information. No "deep cut" facts about Land Cruisers. At least MOST of their info was correct. I'm a HUGE Land Cruiser nerd, and that video was mostly soggy bread.
I can't believe Toyota let these guys handle the FJ25.
The 80 series "has the underpinnings of a large Wrangler"? SMH
These guys are so hung up on the split tailgate, they mention it like 10 times. I do like a split tailgate, but it's not a dealbreaker for me. A Toyota engineer at the reveal told us the lift gate saved ~30 lbs per truck. Toyota pushed really hard for the high MPGs from this truck. I'm sure every pound was scrutinized.

Starting at $55k I'm sure every dollar was scrutinized as well. Anytime someone gets in their feelings that the 250 is missing something, keep in mind, that missing thing would have added cost too.

I didn't subscribe.
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I agree with 2ndTsilent. We live in the world wide web of misinformation, and artificial intelligence will magnify the predicament ten-fold in our lifetimes. I’m surprised auto manufacturers have embraced the biased misinformation from social media influencers; I guess it’s what you have to do to sell cars these days.

I do like hearing from Tyler however since she has access to credible information inside Toyota.
I've never seen these young men before but where exactly is the misinformation in this video: "LC80 has the underpinnings of a large Wrangler" ? Do you know many body-on-frame SUVs with two rigid axles and coil suspensions ?

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