Round or Rectangular?

Which headlights do you prefer?

  • Round

    Votes: 45 47.4%
  • Rectangular

    Votes: 50 52.6%

  • Total voters
Round. As a former LC owner, and an old guy, I like the nostalgic impression they make.
I have gone back and forth. I really prefer the look of the round headlight, but the features on the Land Cruiser trim are much better (for me). I ended up picking the Land Cruiser trim (and in an ideal world not the premium package, although I have a feeling I won’t end up with a ton of choice if I buy this year).
Exactly what I've ordered. We'll see if I get it.
not sure if this is the best place to post this but my dealer has a LC in heritage blue... hit me up and i can get you with my guy at the dealer. it should show up hopefully around the same time as my LCFE.