Rear spare mount: when?


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Jul 9, 2024
Austin, TX
2024 Land Cruiser
When do we think a rear bumper solution will be available that will allow us to mount the rear spare at the back and also do a new gas tank enlargement mod?

Seems like these two should go hand-in-hand and be very welcome aftermarket mods.
I asked Victory 4x4 about a front bumper and they said it’s high on their list, they’re just waiting to get their LC July/August and expect it would be available Sept/Oct. I assume they’ll do a rear bumper as well.
NYTOP makes some really clean looking bumpers. Would be nice if they were to do a front and rear bumper solution that would involve a spare mount.
Great links. Those do look really good but I would love to see someone develop a bumper that incorporates the mount for a more OEM type look.
Dissent is also working on one, had a prototype on the teal wrapped LC you may have seen.
I talked to Ben and he said he had to do a lot of frame cutting to get that one to work, so looking forward to seeing what he comes up with for his FE, which will be more production focused. Awesome rig though!
It will most likely have to be relocated or replaced.
Which will not be a tidy task! (Disclaimer......I've never seen the BU camera mounting location in person) While I think disconnecting the existing BU camera and adding an extra camera would be fairly easy to install on a spare tire/mount, the wiring would be external and have to enter the cabin at some point. If I were to do it (no plans to) I'd route the new wiring along the hinge/pivot point, under the vehicle and piggyback through an existing grommet. If the cameras have separate connectors, buy a OEM connector and pins or if it's a combined connector, de-pin the rear camera wires and purchase new pins and add the new wires etc....... Then the camera angle would have to be adjusted to compensate for the new mounting location.

I know on my Taco, I had to relocate the front OEM camera to a higher mounting location (TRD Pro grill is a VIN locked item) I got the alignment close enough, but it's off just a tad and is noticeable in the bird's eye view.
Talked to the RiGd guys at the overland expo and they said the Ultraswing short should fit nicely. The fold down table/cutting board on the inside of the swing also looked really nice.

Wescott had one of his swings on his LC.

Ironman 4x4 is also working on some bumper options.
I have an Ultraswing for my LX570 and have been very happy with it once I had it customized to fit. The challenge I ran into was that it was about an inch too close to the truck so that when I opened the bottom part of the tailgate, the clear reverse lights ended up resting right on the metal. This was guaranteed to break them at some point so I took it to a shop and had them add an extra inch and now it clears the tailgate. Obviously, this will not be problem on the 250.