No chains on first edition


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Mar 16, 2024
Olympia, WA
2024 Landcruiser FE (awaiting delivery) 1992 FJ-80 (sold)
Interesting line in the manual.
“Tire chains cannot be mounted on vehicles with 265/70R18 and 265/60R20 tires.”
I guess you need to add a small lift to use them with the stock tire size.
I'm guessing it's just close enough that they don't want to accept the risk so they say no. I plan on getting chains though. A lot of places around me require you to carry chains. If I end up having to use them I'd just be extra slow and steady.
Very cool chains but they are expensive. Is one set enough for snow and ice?
You would only want them on the rear tires. We spend the winters in Colorado where we get big dumps of snow. Chains are rarely Needed, but, sometimes Required, depending on the road you are traveling.