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Redondo Matt

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May 22, 2024
Los Angeles
07 4Runner
Thank you for the welcome. Currently own a 2007 4Runner w just over 200,000 wonderful miles. Been saving for a new 4Runner for a couple years but am 99% sure I’m going w the 24 Landcruiser. Really excited. On a waiting list for the LC LC w prem , meteor shower/black leather. Not sure if I want to 20 in wheels. Yes for the roof rack.
Agree re the LC vs 4Runner, as the latter appears to be focused on the younger set, which I am not. Also, it seems to be a throwback to the origin of the 4Runner, when it was a modified Tacoma. Forward of the rear seat appears to be virtually identical to the Taco. Were the 20" wheels initially a part of the Premium Pkg, but no longer? For any degree of off-roading, I do not see them as desirable. Hopefully the 18" are standard? OK, you can have the black seats, & I will take the Java, but we concur on the Meteor Shower.