New FE in the Northwest


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May 20, 2024
2024 Land Cruiser First Edition
Recently took delivery of a 2024 FE north of Seattle.
Quite pleased with the on and off road handling so far. Quiet ride and better power than I'm used to.
Moving to this from a 2007 4Runner Sport, and prior to that a 1995 4Runner SR5. I'd been holding out a few years for a better mileage new 4Runner, and once I saw the pictures, liked this one better. I quite liked the look of the "new" FJ back when I got my first 4Runner, and wife didn't want me to wait another 6 months to get rid of the old one.
The FE is a quite a bit more luxurious and modern than I'm used to or need, but it will double as adventure vehicle and family car.
All the cameras and sensors and alerts take some learning and getting used to, but I think it will ultimately end up with less damage by having them.

Apple Car Play is great to have, new to me. This FE came with the integrated dash cam, like many others I've still not successfully synced it to my phone. Have an appointment with the dealer to work on that this week.

On the lookout for running boards - wife needs a step of some kind, and I didn't care for the Toyota Predator Step the dealer offered.
Also possibly metal front bumper or brush bar, and metal back bumper. The plastic bumpers just don't hold up to real use and look bad after a few years.


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I am keeping an eye open for a vendor to offer power running boards. They are standard on the Lexus GX550 Luxury+, so someone is making them.