Meet the First Ever GMC HUMMER EV EarthCruiser—an Overland Upfit Solution from EarthCruiser!


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Jul 8, 2023
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The journey just got a revolutionary upgrade.

Meet the First Ever GMC HUMMER EV EarthCruiser—an Overland Upfit Solution from EarthCruiser.†

GMC HUMMER EV Pickup and EarthCruiser overland vehicles just revealed the future of overlanding. In true supertruck fashion, the GMC HUMMER EV EarthCruiser upfit introduces an entirely new level of zero tailpipe emissions overlanding possibilities. It offers adventurers a seamless blend of state-of-the-art technology, innovation and comfort to explore on- and off-road.

Combining the all-electric supertruck’s revolutionary capabilities with EarthCruiser’s legendary overlanding expertise creates an upfit vehicle that includes these highlights:

  • EarthCruiser’s carbon fiber body is integrated into the GMC HUMMER EV Pickup
  • Onboard solar power with 605W along with an innovative system of 6 kilowatt hours of 12V lithium battery to provide an estimated seven days of off-grid power, such as the ability to power appliances like the fridge/freezer for about a week
  • Intuitive, 7” touchscreen system control panel designed for ease of use
  • The freedom to explore in any season with EarthCruiser’s insulated tri-layered pop-up roof
  • An RV full-size bed, paired with the GMC HUMMER EV’s Air Ride Adaptive Suspension to provide a comfortable night’s sleep on all terrains
We can expect the GMC HUMMER EV EarthCruiser to be available to HUMMER EV Pickup owners from EarthCruiser in early 2024. We can also expect overlanding to never be the same.


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Looks cool but where in the vast wilderness is it going to be recharged?
It has a large solar panel on the roof, but I'm not sure if that charges the main battery pack or just the accessory batteries. I would imagine, you would go in about 100-150 miles to camp, stay on the accessory power, and then back to civilization to charge back up to make it home.
Looks awesome! GM nailed it with the design, but not yet sold on EV. Too bad it doesn't have a Duramax diesel option!
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Take a look at this walkthrough video of the new Hummer EV, which also includes an interview with its head designer. Jump to the 11:00 timestamp to get started.

One nice feature I noticed is the ability to get in/out of the camper via the passenger sunroof.
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Wow, it's even nicer than I thought it would be!