๐Ÿ’ต For Sale Looking to swap Premium 20 in. wheel for 18 in. stock wheel


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Jun 10, 2024
Richmond, VA
2024 Land Cruiser
This is an interesting ask. I have a 2024 Land Cruiser reserved that is coming in early July. I am looking to swap the 20's on mine for the stock 18's from a LC or FE trim (18 265/70). Does not seem like the package I have ordered has the 18's at this point. Looking for someone on the east coast, somewhere around DC to Raleigh. I am located in Richmond.

UPDATE: I decided to keep my 20's, but I am leaving this post here incase others from other areas find someone to swap with.
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Lol was just thinking about posting something like that myself. I'm in Denver and wanted the LC premium but they only have LC premium in the color I want with the 20" rims option, so I took it. Now I want to sell/trade them as soon as the vehicle arrives lol. Mines supposed to be released from the QC hold towards the end of July.
Same here and in a different part of the country, so not competing with you guys :ROFLMAO:... Would trade your 18" s for my 20" s or buy your 18's right out.... Arkansas area.
Iโ€™m selling my 18s in DFW if you want to make the drive over to pick them up!
I just picked up my 1958 edition yesterday July 5, 2024 that came with 18's. I would gladly swap with 20"s if anyone in Louisiana is interested.
I'm in Minnesota and would be interested in swapping my 1958 18" rims and wheels for the 20" rims and wheels.
Let's keep this wheel swapping thread going!
I have 20's, will trade for FE 18's (black not gray).
Northern California
Hello, I have the 20" wheels and am looking to trade for 18" wheels. Would prefer the LC/FEs but would take the 1958s too. I'm in Denver, Colorado.


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Throwing this in here again. Got a full set of 5 with less than 100 miles on them and no TPMS available in DFW.

I really want these out of my garage before I move at the end of August haha


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