Lineup of all Land Cruiser Colors


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Feb 17, 2024
Richmond, VA
2020 4Runner
Except Underground

But which one are you choosing & why?
Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 10.36.01โ€ฏPM.png
I have a trail dust coming too. Decide on this color because Toyota use this color on Fe in most of its ads.
Manufacturers spend millions on advertising research . Plus I like little better than heritage blue.
The blue does look off to me. I agree the Greyscape roof is not pictured. The Meteor Shower is some sort of silver. I wish they would bring back Desert Dune Metallic as it looks good when dirty. I have signed up for Heritage Blue with Greyscape roof. I am just a sucker for pastel blues...
Underground cuz itโ€™s not pictured.
Not sure why we need Wind Chill and Ice Cap.
I have a FE Meteor Shower coming in about 4 weeks. Anyone know if this is a metallic paint? It appears to be from the high res videos I have seen, but, not sure. Thanks!!
I have a Meteor Shower mid-trim (Land Cruiser trim) ordered. Been driving black vehicles for years, and thought I'd go with something less hot in summer and less prone to showing the dirt and the pinstripes. Metallic silver'ish vehicles just seem to stay looking newer for longer. Given I've had my Tundra for 17 years, I plan to keep this thing for a long time.
looks like a Fake AI picture. The clolor isn't accurate and the roof isn't white.
Comes from the Toyota global newsroom site, launch of the Japanese versions, which are slightly different than what we get over here. Colors are the same tho.
For an FEโ€ฆI went with Blue but would take trail dust. For an LC, I would do underground or pearl.
Canadians have a choice of Brown Sugar Metallic, Black or White for the 1958 version, but my dealer couldn't show me what the Brown Sugar Metallic would actually look like. As I don't like white or black I defaulted to Brown Sugar Metallic on my order - just hope it looks ok when it arrives. Dealer said he thinks they will get 2 in that colour
My favorite is heritage blue, but since I am going with a 1958 trim I went with my second choice - meteor shower. If I could choose any color for the Land Cruiser, I would go with something similar to the Earl Grey on the Wrangler.